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That being said, I also have learned what happens if you stop putting your energy first in a high performance environment. 

4 years ago I had a big wake-up call. when was working in my then dream job as Sales Manager for an international streaming company. I got all the training I wanted and flew around the wold to pursue my career. Yes I was living the dream but it was taking a toll on my health. My body had warned my but I had ignored all her signs. That's when my body pulled the emergency breaks. 

That was the moment I made a decision to put my energy first again. To follow my personal passions, my true talents and how I can make a meaningful impact by using them.

Of course. being a Type-A personality, I wanted to get my degree at the best school I could find: Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam and started working for ambitious leaders like yourself. 


Turns out's the industries I worked in: Media, Tech & Fashion all could use some help in terms of energy management.

I mean be honest, don't you? 

Perhaps you are a manager, CEO or HR-person looking to give your team the energy boost they are looking for.

Or If you are ready to have more energy, focus and balance yourself just give me a call. No strings attached. 

Sharon Epskamp 

Certified Coach & Reiki Master

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